Counseling for Young Adults in Santa Clarita

Young adulthood is one of the most challenging stages of life as you attempt to make sense of the rapidly changing environment around you. During the years of 18-29, young adults move from one transition to the next with barely enough time to process what these changes are doing to their sense of self and place in the world.

Branching off into the world on your own can seem both exciting and terrifying. As your independence grows, new challenges arise every day. From little things like opening a bank account, to huge life changes like moving away from home and learning to identify your own values and beliefs. There is a lot of pressure to make the right choices, choose a career path, find a partner, and land the right job. Counseling for young adults in Santa Clarita can help.

What if I change my mind about my college major?

How will I know if I can survive financially on my own?

Everyone wants me to settle down, but I’m not sure I’m ready.

My career is overwhelming me.

You’re Not Alone

As a young adult, it’s important to remember that you aren’t alone. Everybody is facing these changes at an increasingly rapid rate and without a support network and people to talk to it can feel like there is no way out. Counseling for young adults in Santa Clarita is an incredibly healthy way for you to talk to someone in a non-judgmental, welcoming, and affirming environment that recognizes that your issues are important and can be overcome.

If you’ve ever felt or are currently dealing with these issues I’d love to help you find hope and work towards building confidence and help you thrive and live well.

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Adjustment to changes
  • Pressures of career expectation
  • Figuring out how to launch into life
  • Relationship issues
  • Work problems
  • Academic issues
  • Family problems

I believe that healing happens in relationships, and I’ll listen attentively and hold a caring space for you as you share from your heart. Young Adults therapy sessions are a time to focus solely on you and express anything and everything that is causing feelings of frustration, uncertainty, fear, anxiety, sadness, anger, grief or discomfort of any kind. As we get to the underbelly of your distress and you put feelings into words, we can talk things out, piece things together and figure out ways that you can let go of the past, feel content in the present and experience more joy.

Get Inspired

Whoever you are, whatever you’re going through, I want to help you find hope and healing so you can feel better and live well. Take the first step to a healthy, happy, and inspired you.

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