Mia MiK Hargrove, LCSW

I began to understand that talking to a warm and caring person was healing and could be life changing. That was when my passion grew to help others thrive and live the best life possible.

It was during my time at the University of Pennsylvania when I worked at the college counseling center that I was inspired to help young adults come alive during this exciting and hopeful time of their lives. My passion grew even further during my work as a therapist at Princeton House Behavioral Health, helping others find meaning in their lives, to connect in their relationships and to live well. It was truly my passion and commitment to help others drop the veil of shame about getting help from a therapist, connect with others, live with purpose and to inspire wellness.

I decided to open my own therapy practice in the Santa Clarita and Valencia area to help others know that whatever they are facing is okay and that they are not alone. I am a counselor that believes when people are able to make connections between their past and present experiences they are able to make better choices for their future. Therapy is a place for healing in relationships with others, and more importantly, healing within yourself.

My hope for you is that, through therapy with me, you discover the endless connections in your mind, body, and spirit to help you live a balanced life and be inspired to live well.

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Whoever you are, whatever you’re going through, I want to help you find hope and healing so you can feel better and live well. Take the first step to a healthy, happy, and inspired you.

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