I am a therapist that opened Inspire Wellness Counseling, counseling in Santa Clarita and the Valencia area for women, young adults, and teens to have a safe space to reflect on their experiences, build strategies for personal growth, and inspire individuals to live healthy, happy, and balanced lives.

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Counseling for Teens in Santa Clarita


On top of physical and psychological changes, teenagers are faced with high expectations academically and socially. With the help of Inspire Wellness Counseling teens can learn how to be true to themselves and make sense of their changing lives.

Counseling for Young Adults in Santa Clarita

Young Adults

For young adults, life is changing at a rapid pace and it’s sometimes hard to feel like you have it all together. Inspire Wellness Counseling can help you navigate the twists and turns as you transition into adulthood.

Counseling for Women in Santa Clarita


Today’s women face pressures as they take on multiple roles at home and work. Unfortunately, shame and isolation often hold women back from talking to others about their pain. At Inspire Wellness Counseling, I want to help women work through their issues in order thrive and live well balanced lives.

Mia MiK Hargrove, LCSW

I’ve always loved helping people. I started Inspire Wellness Counseling to help others look inward, work through their problems, and live healthy, happy, and balanced lives.
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